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Meet the resident brands and founders of Slow Innovation Brands' Platform.

Meet the resident brands and founders of Slow Innovation Brands' Platform.   Meet Yvonne!        Yvonne is the founder of Now in Rio Swim, a multicultural and contemporary sustainable fashion brand. Now in Rio Swim offers Premium and Sustainable Active Swimwear inspired by the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Yvonne approached Slow Innovation Brands about 2 years ago when she and her husband were still living in Belgium. She wanted to start the process of creating her sustainable swimwear brand. Despite having a background in Marketing, including a Ph.D. from the University of Brussels, she needed help to source sustainable fabrics and European manufacturing partners. The inspiration to create her brand came while Canadian Yvonne...

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Fabric Sourcing - mentoring sessions for our resident brands

  Did you know that resident brands at The Slow Fashion Innovation Program have a mentoring service for fabric sourcing?That's right! To book your mentoring you need to just fill out this form informing the type of fabric you are looking for and we will contact you to schedule the date and time for our video conference.During the mentoring sessions (private or together with other brands looking for similar materials) we will show you physical samples of the type of material you are looking for and provide detailed information from each supplier.Each resident brand (with active registration) is entitled to schedule up to two mentoring sessions free of charge. For additional mentoring sessions, we charge a fee of EUR 15...

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