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Eco-marketing for sustainable fashion: using transparency and creativism to draw attention to your brand

    Sustainable brands should be concerned with the impact of their products on society and the environment.   They seek, or they should, to produce legally and ethically towards workers and the environment.   The fashion brand’s commitment to sustainable development must be reflected by fair workers’ payments, raw materials, and processes with the least possible impact on the environment.   However, we know that to achieve these goals, brands face several challenges. Reconciling fair trade production, circular design, sourcing sustainable fabrics, and ethical strategies for sales and promotion leads to high cost compared to the products produced by fast fashion brands.   Therefore, one of the main challenges faced by sustainable brands is to clarify and justify prices to...


The three pillars of sustainability for slow fashion brands

To turn the fashion industry more sustainable is necessary to invest in business models that adopt sustainability from the beginning of its fashion production. Slow Innovation Brands highlights the 3 pillars of sustainability under which sustainable fashion brands must establish themselves.


Carbon offsetting solutions for fashion brands

To help students of our Online Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program in Sustainable Fashion to find garments eco-friendly delivery solutions, Slow Innovation Brands has prepared this article.   We highlight carbon offset solutions that can be used by Slow Innovation Brands students to make delivery of its products more sustainable. Check it out below!