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Hello there, here you can find info about The Slow Fashion Innovation Program (Online incubator + Sustainable Fashion Sourcing Platform).  

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The Slow Fashion Innovation Program: business and market research + sustainable fabric sourcing + manufacturer sourcing + marketing and sales strategy. 

The program is divided into 10 steps (Find the full program here)
  • Access to recorded online classes on topics: market research, fabric sourcing, product development, manufacturing, business and finance, digital marketing, shipping and packaging, and sales. 
  • Access to our sustainable fabric suppliers database
  • Access to our Manufacturing database and exclusive packs for our students for prototyping and production
  • Access to Sustainable Accessories Suppliers database: such as zippers, closures, yarns, and others
  • Access to Innovative Raw Materials Sourcing database
  • Access to Sustainable Packaging suppliers database
  • Access to artisans and handcrafted databases such as natural dyeing and embroidering 
  • Access to Graphic Designers database with special packs and prices for our students
  • Access to funding opportunities databases such as crowdfunding and public grants
  • Access to fashion photographers database with special packs and prices for our students
  • Access to website developers databases with special packs and prices for our students 
  • Access to retailers and wholesale databases
  • Access to Influencers databases
  • Access to additional materials such as exclusive interviews with fabric suppliers and manufacturers. 
  • Access to our Alumni Networking for potential collaborations

Prices: First month 100 EUR , additional months 10 EUR/month. 

Apply here!

For reviews from our alumni, you can check our Facebook page here

To check some of the brands from our alumni you can visit some of the following IG accounts (you can find their website on the bios). 

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    Fabric sourcing service

    For private consulting (Fabric Sourcing or Manufacturing) for medium/big-size companies please get in contact to us by e-mail ( for more info.   

    We ask for all potential new brands that intend to apply for our Program to fill our survey for new potential clients . 

    We also offer a Manufacturing and Fabric Sourcing service for external brands. In any case we ask you to fill our survey for new clients and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

    For additional questions contact