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Natural dyeing sourcing

Natural dyeing sourcing

Regular price €50,00

We have received many referral requests for makers and suppliers of naturally dyed fabrics.

So, we created the new Natural Dying Sourcing service.

The prices for this service are:

50 Euro - Sending PDF with portfolio and information on natural dyeing suppliers

250 Euro - Sending the PDF mentioned above with information about natural dye suppliers + sending 10 samples from 5 different suppliers mentioned in the PDF of your choice. First, we will send you the PDF portfolio after we will have an online meeting with you to choose your suppliers based on your project, then we will make direct contact with suppliers, request samples, and send it to your address. Full online service for you! 

Attention: We only accept requests from customers pre-approved by us and who have projects or business models that we consider sustainable. Therefore, before purchasing this service, we ask that you complete our survey for potential new customers.